Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Typical Terina

Terina didn't know she'd be seeing us on Saturday. How could she when it was her surprise 50th birthday party!  I had been invited at least three times by three different people, and my mother had received an invitation as well from Terina's husband -- they had met on our school trip to Italy.

Terina was set up for even more of a surprise than just the unexpected gathering.  After all, the last time Terina saw my mother -- not counting pictures sent over text -- was when my dad picked us up from the airport.  At that time, my mother's face was extremely swollen from the broken nose she had brought back as an unfortunate souvenir of our Italian adventures.

Seeing Terina's face light up when she walked into her house was priceless.  Her eyes widened and even from across the room you could see she was tearing up.  I've known her long enough to hear it in her voice too -- she was touched.  I think she forgets sometimes just how loved she is because so often all she hears is negativity and complaints as the school librarian.

She circled the room, taking in each guest in turn and offering hugs to nearly everyone present.  She stopped when she saw my mother. Terina's hands reached out to cup her face, "Oh my gosh you look so beautiful."  She pulled her into a hug, pulled away, and then cupped her face again as she marveled over the healing that had occurred in just 2 months time.  

While others were confused, I was just amused: typical Terina.  Of course, she was more concerned for others when this was supposed to be HER day.  But that's what I love about our librarian.

"I want a hug too!" I chimed in and Terina happily obliged.