Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Dusting This Off: Slice of Life 2023 Pre-Gaming

One of my favorite chores as a child was dusting.  

I would gather up each knick-knack, doodad, and trinket and gently place them in a pile to the side of wherever I was to dust.  Then, I would spritz the dresser or table or desk with Pledge Furniture polish.  The burst of lemon would make my eyes water a bit, but I would quickly wipe the lemon-scented residue away with the tattered cloth my mom had long ago designated the dusting rag.  

It made me happy to see the furniture glisten afterwards -- the scent of citrus still in the air.

I don't dust nearly as much any more and I'm afraid I've let far too many things grow dusty with neglect: my apartment, my classroom, and now this blog.  I think I can live with my furniture gathering dust a little while longer, but not my blog.  Not with the Slice of Life Challenge starting tomorrow!

I may not be able to take a can of Pledge to an online platform, but I can pledge to show up for this year's Slice of Life Story Challenge and take up blogging once more.  Specifically blogging for a personal reason and not just blog posts for Teach Write!

If nothing else, I could certainly use some of that citrusy scent in my life, but I will settle for the familiar logo: