Sunday, March 14, 2021

#SOL21 | 14 | In Honor of Pie Day...

It seems only appropriate to write about pizza today on Pi(e) day, especially as I sit here waiting on my own pizza order to be processed down the road from me.  I'm not a math person, but you can bet I'll take an excuse to celebrate food any chance it presents itself.  Really, who needs an excuse for pizza though?

Besides, it's doubly appropriate when you consider this is Slice of Life writing and what better slice is there than pizza?  I mean I suppose your dessert pies, but my preferred pie was always the "pizza pie" variety as opposed to apple, coconut creme, or key lime.

Pizzas were reserved for Thursday nights at my Grandma's house.  Or was it Tuesday?  I can say with certainty it was NOT Friday nights, as those were reserved for going out to eat at sit down restaurants with my grandparents and family.  Honestly, as and adult I can't help but imagine it was whatever night there was likely a deal going on.  My Grandma was the kind of person obsessed with couponing and specials after all.  The pizza was always from Little Caesars (Pizza! Pizza!) and the order was almost always a cheese, a supreme, and a pepperoni.  Oh, and of course, an order or two of crazy bread.

Pizzas were also reserved for sleepovers, once my sister and I were old enough to start having those, and even now it's hard to shake the urge to want pizza whenever a friend is visiting.  Boxes would be piled high in the kitchen ready to fill the bellies of ravenous teens.  Usually they were also from Little Caesars, though sometimes my mom was feeling particular and would order from a restaurant called Shotgun Dan's.  However, that was only if it was a smaller gathering as those pies tended to be a bit pricier than the "Hot & Ready" cheap pizzas of Little Caesars. 

I don't get Little Caesars as much any more nor do I get pizza quite as often.  Perhaps because pizza is such a social food and for a lot of reasons I have not been social as of late.  Though luckily there is a place down the road from me that makes a decent personal sized pizza which I must leave now to pick up for lunch.  After all, it's pie day!

This post is part of the 14th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge.  
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  1. I love how you turned Pi Day into an entire Slice about pizza. Pizza is probably my favorite food. One good thing that has come out of COVID is homemade pizza. We keep the ingredients stocked in my house. My 14-year is finally making his own as well. We have a leftover Papa John's pizza in the fridge. I may have leave and go have a Slice.

  2. I eat pizza entirely too often-we make it ourselves, get frozen pizza, and get it from restaurants more frequently than we should. One thing that saves me from myself is that I need to eat gluten free so there are less pizza places to choose from and my pizza is more expensive so it needs to be an occasional treat instead of a staple in my diet. Otherwise, I think I could easily eat it every day.

  3. I made a pie today too - but mine was cherry! Happy Pi Day!

  4. Your post made me hungry! We have eaten way too much pizza lately. I made two pies today - a pumpkin pie and a ham and cheddar pie.
    Happy Pi Day!