Thursday, March 18, 2021

#SOL21 | 18 | A Brief Exchange About Dreams

"Do you remember your dreams?"

I don't know why a small group of senior boys was having this conversation, but that's the part I overheard.  For the purposes of this slice I will give them the names Edward, Jeff, and Ned.  Edward was the one who had asked about dreams.

"I've been writing my dreams down.  Otherwise I have a hard time remembering them," I said, jumping into their conversation.  

Ned nodded while Jeff leaned back in his chair, "I can usually remember mine that day, but not for much longer."

"What's the last dream you remember," Ned asked me.

"Well, last night I had a dream about catching a koi fish.  I had nowhere to put it, so I stuck it in a garbage bag with some water and then I had to carry it onto the subway."

"Why were you on the subway?"

"I don't know.  I think I was in London?"

"London has subways?  I thought it had trolleys."

"No," I chuckle, "I think you're thinking of San Francisco."

"Oh! Right."

"A couple of weeks ago I had a dream I was a detective," Jeff added, sitting forward, "I was solving someone's murder."

I thought that was pretty cool.  I could actually see Jeff as a detective and would definitely love to read or see a story like that.  He'd be pretty cool solving crimes.

Ned seemed to agree with me, but then added: "I had a dream I was with these giant spiders and they made me the king of the spiders.  I had a crown."  He raised his hands to his head, miming the placement of the crown.  I would not want to rule over spiders, but again I thought it sounded like a pretty cool dream.  

We looked to Edward, the one who had asked originally, but he just shook his head, "I actually never remember my dreams.  I don't know what dreams are really like.  Yours all sound pretty cool though."

It made me a little sad that Edward didn't remember his dreams.  We continued to share a few we remembered and even had a brief discussion about flying in dreams -- especially if lucid dreaming was involved.  For Jeff and Ned flying and hovering came easy, but for me I always struggled with it.  But, at least I could have those dreams.  Unlike Edward.

This post is part of the 14th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge.  

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  1. Great dialogue that brings your scene to life. And Edward...ah, poor Edward. Thanks for the inspiration!