Saturday, March 20, 2021

#SOL21 | 20 | I'm Currently Stealing

 Living up to her blog name, Tammy B has accidentally inspired this blog with her post using the starter "I'm Currently."  Which I will now shamelessly steal and use for my own SOL this morning.  Thanks Tammy!

I'm currently...

Listening to a Pure Imagination remix.

Loving the joy my friends on Time to Write bring me.

Drinking coffee loaded with sugar and creamer.

Thinking about how I'm going to squeeze novel writing in today.

Wanting to go outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Procrastinating on grading more papers.

Needing to get dressed for the day.

Reading Slice of Life blog posts for inspiration.

Worrying about my family members who refuse to get the vaccine.

Wondering how I can persuade those family members to get it anyway.

Anticipating the freedom of next week as it is Spring Break!

What's everyone else up to?

This post is part of the 14th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge.  

                    #SOL21 and information around Slicing can be found on Two Writing Teachers. 


  1. Good luck on getting those papers graded and I hope you have a wonderful Spring Break!

  2. Thanks! I'm going to enjoy my break first and work on them next week on one of the rainy days perhaps.

  3. I love this format! I have already used it once during the SOL Challenge, but with a few different starters. I may need to "borrow" your starters for a new take on this favorite!

  4. I like how you used one sentence for each verb. I get a clear sense of your day.
    I am currently commenting of SOLC posts, trying to get to writers I haven’t yet visited.

    1. I try to randomly click through the comments and comment on people I haven't yet -- but as the month has progressed I find myself gravitating back to certain people. Funny how that works. Thanks for stopping by for mine!

  5. I hope you got outside to play in the sunshine. I used to be a teacher too (not retired). I remember the pressure of constant grading. Have a great Spring Break!

    1. I did and plan to get even more sunshine time before more rain moves in this week.

  6. This is a great structure. I may borrow it this week while I'm on spring break. I feel many of the same things you are going through. My 90 year old Grandma won't get the vaccine. I don't know if I should go visit her when I'm fully vaccinated or not. It's hard...

    1. It's nice for days when I am writing early and can't necessarily capture something from the day just yet. I liked it because it made me reflect and think about the past, present, and future.