Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Summer Series Part 2: Flavors of Summer

Last week I tried to recapture the details of my solo trip to the beach and a snapshot of how my summer vacation began.  

While I definitely enjoyed the traveling I managed to do this summer (making up for last summer I suppose), what fun is traveling if you aren't celebrating the unique food to be found along the way.  Watermelon, ice cream, and grilled meat are just a few of the foods quintessential to the enjoyment of summer.  So, for part two of my summer series, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the food experiences I had this summer:


There is a special little donut truck near my sister's place in Florida.  She raves about it every time I see her, but for whatever reason I have never managed to catch it while I was down there.  My sister, ever the gracious hostess, was happy to fix this problem and I was so touched that she not only remembered, but sought to correct this.

She surprised me with donuts the morning after I arrived.  There were donuts with sprinkles, chocolate chips, and even Oreos.  The donuts were fresh, colorful, and tasty.  I could understand why my sister made the drive towards the busier parts of Florida to get them.  This was another highlight of my trip and a great start to my summer of food experiences.

Picnic in the Park 

The US south is not a typically a pleasant place to live during the summer months, so when the weather is actually mild I try to make the most of it.  Early on this summer we were blessed with such weather.  As I have gotten older, I have decided that I don't always have to wait for someone to join me on adventures -- I can enjoy my own company just fine.  I knew the window of opportunity was small and so I went with the only companion I could: my dog.  We were going to go out and have our own summer fun.  

I visited a café down the road, got a meal to go, and took my dog to a nearby park.  There, I spread out a blanket and we sat eating my chicken wrap as we watched other people enjoying the park as well.  The view and company were great, as was the food from a local business.

Loblolly Ice Cream 

If you were to search "best places to get ice cream in each state" you would find this shop listed for mine.  It's an accurate statement and is certainly one of my favorite places to get ice cream.  While I don't get to go very often because it's not exactly local for me (it requires driving to the heart of the city), it's always worth it when I make the trek.  

This year I actually managed to visit twice: once by myself and once with a friend.  Not only did I get to go with a friend, but I also got to try their banana pudding ice cream flavor.  I was blown away because it tasted JUST like my mom's banana pudding.  

Food Truck Frenzy

I could probably make this entire list about the different food trucks I tried out this summer.  However, this is specifically in regards to one of my favorite parts about the town I live in: Food Truck Frenzy. It's a sort of mini food truck festival that is put on every summer.  On the third Thursday of the month, local food trucks drive to the center of town for a night of live music and delicious food.  

I made it a personal goal to attend every frenzy this summer and so far I have made it to three of the events with two more on the horizon (I believe they continue this until September).  I have had some truly enjoyable food through this event and what's great about the trucks is that there is always a new one to try.

Cinnamon Banana Muffins

Of course, this list would not be complete if I didn't share at least one new thing I personally made.  

This summer as my bananas grew too ripe, I knew I had to find something to make with them other than banana bread.  A quick search of the Internet lead me to a recipe for cinnamon banana muffins.  It seemed simple enough and, when I checked the ingredients in my cupboard, I was pleased to find that I definitely had everything I needed to bake them.  

They turned out absolutely delightful and warm -- certainly a recipe I will return to in the future!  I made sure to share some with friends and family who were equally pleased.

And that's just a few of the food adventures I had this summer.  I could write about others -- especially food trucks -- but I would love to hear about some of your own summer food adventures.  How did you savor the summer?

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your summer through the lens of food. Your first story also shows so well the love of your sister! Now I am hungry! My favorite food ritual is to walk a half a mile to the Village Sweet Bakery and if I get there before they run out, I enjoy their scone of the day. Off I go...Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your Food Truck Frenzy trips sound fantastic. I cheer for your solo picnic with a dog for a company. Such a right attitude. No need to wait for others to do something enjoyable. My summer is ice-cream flavoured. My favorite was salted caramel ice cream with real raspberries not just jam inside.

  3. Erica, your "trying" new recipes this year inspired me tonight to make lemon blueberry sheetpan pancakes. I loved reading about your adventures involving food.

  4. Okay, I really should know better than to read your posts later in the evening, because they always spur me -- or, in this case, my taste buds -- into action. :)

  5. Mmmmmm! I consider myself fortunate to live in the best neighborhood in the best city for phenomenal food of so many different cuisines and it has been a wonderful three years here so far. I love traveling with my son because he always researches the best places to eat. Your post made me hungry!