Thursday, March 16, 2023

Across Five Marches (SOLSC 16/31)

I wasn't sure what to write about, and for inspiration I went to my photos on my phone.  It turned into an exercise in scrolling to previous years, specifically March.  Here is a collection of observations from the past five years.

March 2018 

Here we have a trip to the zoo and a local garden.  More specifically, it was one of my first outings with my first niece.  Ivey was a few months old in the pictures.  I am smiling so broadly, happy to have a little partner in adventure. 

March 2019 

A long standing tradition for me in March is to travel and go out into nature.  And no location is more visited than Hot Springs.  I was drawn to the picture of me and my friends enjoying ice cream and also margaritas.  Good food is also a must this time of year!

March 2020

And then there was the year I couldn't go anywhere, but could still enjoy the simple things.  I baked bread and decorated my car for a teacher parade through our local neighborhoods.  

March 2021

While I wasn't quite ready to travel the following year, I did get out again.  This was a time to be outdoors and embracing the beautiful weather this time of year has to offer.  I even found the slice I wrote from the pictures I took.

March 2022

Last year I finally got to travel again.  Not only did I see Ivey and her family (now including a second niece for me to love and adventure with), but we went on a family cruise together! The pictures remind me of my love of travel and all the places I have been and and have yet to go.

I can't wait to share the rest of March 2023 with you all.


  1. I really love this looking back in time through the use of photos. We so easily forget small moments from each year and this is a way to relive them.

  2. I love the idea of looking back on 5 Marches. I like the way you carried the theme of travel through your slice.

  3. I kept wanting to sing "time marches on" while reading this. I love that you opened and closed with a picture of Ivey! Just think of the pictures of this March yet to come!

  4. This is so creative! I'm completely stealing this idea for a post later in the month too.

  5. What a wonderful format - and look at how much Ivey has grown. I just saw Elisabeth's version of this & now I plan to steal it, too!